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A leader in field of global logistical support.

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With a full range of responsive, effective and reliable planning, procurement and supply chain management services, Global Ventures of North America is a leader in field of global logistical support. We have the capability to move people, products and vital supplies from one side of the globe to the other through a variety of effective delivery methods. At air-and seaports around the world, Global Ventures of North America provides management of complex manifesting as well as loading, unloading and distribution of equipment and material.
We use state-of-the-art tracking and scheduling tools to ensure products and services get where they need to be at the right time and in the right quantity. We transport everything from mail to essentials such as food and water, beds and laundry facilities. As the industry evolves, we see opportunities for organizations to substantially reduce costs by centralizing or outsourcing various procurement processes. From day-to-day materials and long-term assets to complex services, such as freight forwarding and huge modular construction projects, we deliver. Our procurement programs can assist with establishing and enhancing client operations, with a track record of delivering high performance, low risk processes, and first-class customer service. Global Ventures of North America provides efficient, economic, and on time transportation services to difficult locations around the globe. We utilize innovative resources and technology to produce the appropriate solutions allowing us to be proactive, avoid delays, and achieve the utmost in constructor and end-customer satisfaction.